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  2. Sad day for A3EP

    We are sorry to announce the discontinuation of A3ExilePortal effective immediately. We thank all who partook in the lengthy and never-ending development process. We will be releasing a Open-Source version within the next few weeks with no limitations or license requirements. No support will be provided for this application anymore. Thanks from the A3EP Management Team.
  3. Linking Steam account doesn't work with certain browsers

    Changed Status to Closed Changed Assigned To to Not Assigned
  4. A bridge for SMF forum

    Super Job thank you very much
  5. A bridge for SMF forum

    i will see what i cant do!
  6. A bridge for SMF forum

    Hi guys we are in the process of switching our forum over to smf (simple machines forum) is there anyway that you guys could build or publish a bridge between the portal and smf so that one user account would give access to both? many thanks karl
  7. Hi guys we are on RC2 Rev4 and players are telling me when they hit the link steam button in account settings nothing happens if using certain browsers, namely Internet explorer and Microsoft edge windows 10. I can confirm that google chrome appears to work fine, that's what I used to link my steam account. Thought you might like to take a look at this. Many thanks
  8. Installer SQL Issue

    Changed Status to Fixed in Next Release
  9. Some suggestions from our community

    Hey guys another suggestion that cropped up, on the contact page it would be great if each person on the list had a job / role title, for example, server owner, admin, moderator, forum moderator etc, this would make it a lot more clearer to users who would be the best person to contact for a particular query, at the moment they just have to pick a person and hope for the best, this is particularly true for new members of the community who don't know who does what, it shouldn't be hard to implement, just and extra field in the admin setup page "User Role" 1 column in the relevant table, and an echo command on the contact and profile view pages. Many thanks
  10. Some suggestions from our community

    @Taylor @Brett Nordin Thanks for replying guys, that's fair enough, it's just that we had a group chat about it the other night and some of the community were concerned about it, and someone brought up the fact that back in the arma 2 days there where issues with hackers getting hold of this number and people getting global battle eye bans as a result, I appreciate we are now on arma 3 and things have almost definitely evolved and security improved since that time, to shut my community up and keep them happy I just removed the echo uid line from necessary places. Its interesting though that even now if you look hard enough on the exile forum, there are still people objecting to having player UID numbers in the mission pbo's to get scripts working where they can be accessed by unsavory people (custom load outs is just one example), based on what you explain above the public UID situation would seem to be an urban myth carried over to arma3 from the arma2 days. Thanks for verifying this, I will pass the info on to my community. Also many thanks for considering the suggestion list its much appreciated, even seeing a built in forum, and real time recipes and trader price lists would be a massive bonus. Many thanks
  11. Some suggestions from our community

    The UID is a public identifier, everyone and anyone has access to it, you can literally go on steam type a random user and get their UID. So Taylor is correct in saying that. it is near impossible for somebody to get banned as it would require access to the users account to do so. Most of the other features are being worked on, and yes from the sit we can access any config information you have in your mission file. @wilderness
  12. Some suggestions from our community

    Players were very unhappy about their UID numbers being on show when viewed from the leader board or player list (I have already stripped this out myself, but you might want to consider it in a future update, one hacker could get the whole server community global banned with these numbers if they know what they are doing) as far as this we can look into removing but this is already public i can just simple look up your steam name and get this
  13. Some suggestions from our community

    we will look into these suggestions and reply here
  14. Hi guys, I've been playing with the portal today that you kindly got work for us yesterday, I have got to say, you have done a great job and our community are liking it very much. as always with a community there are the "can you" requests lol, so I put a little list together in hope you may consider them for a future update. These are my requests from an admin point of view: 1. more control over the the look and feel of the site from the CP (being able to change box colors and styling to match existing website a bit more closely) 2. with the page manager it would be nice if we could edit an already created page, currently we can only delete it and then start over. 3. built in forum or bulletin board, at the moment we run a forum and the portal requiring users to have two accounts, it would be great if the portal could do both and users would only need one account. 4. live map showing current server player positions (update every 60 seconds or so) 5. the ability to add external links to the custom menu (where the custom pages appear) rather than just pages, for example a link to our forum, and a link back to the main website home page. Community requests: 1. a facility for players to upload screen shots, or direct link to their steam screen shots (a player screen shot album of sorts) 2. some sort of notification system when they log in if their base has been raided, with the portal possibly emailing them. 3. Players were very unhappy about their UID numbers being on show when viewed from the leader board or player list (I have already stripped this out myself, but you might want to consider it in a future update, one hacker could get the whole server community global banned with these numbers if they know what they are doing) 4. A map showing where the players vehicles are on the server. 5. forum so they don't need two separate accounts. 6. facility to sell vehicles similar to the inventory market place. 7. facility to change territory name. 8. a page showing real time prices of items at the traders 9. a page showing the crafting recipes used on the server (with categories like barma cookbook) Guys please don't take any of the above as criticism. we like the portal as is and are very happy with it, but are just giving over some ideas that you might consider for future versions / updates don't know how much of it is possible as the last two requests from the community would require reading the config, inside the mission pbo, don't even know if that can be done. Anyway, thanks again guys, great job. cheers
  15. Installer SQL Issue

    Please submit a ticket via your client area so we can further investigate this issue https://a3exileportal.com/clientarea/
  16. Installer SQL Issue

    Changed Status to Closed Changed Assigned To to Brett
  17. Installer SQL Issue

    When attempting to run the installer for RC2v5 I get this error: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'a3e_portal.dev_settings' doesn't exist Looking at the install_sql.php file in the installer directory I noticed that it attempts to insert into the dev_settings table but does not create it.
  18. PHP 5.6 Deprecation

    Effective today we will be depreciating the use of PHP versions under 7.0.0, we recommend all users upgrade to PHP 7.0.0 + in order to get the best experience using A3EP We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, Thanks A3EP Dev Team
  19. 1.0.0 RC2 REV4 RELEASED

    Key Changes Please note: If you are running RC1 SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET TO UPGRADE The RC2 system is NOT compatible with Rc1 and will break if you try to upgrade! Added missing language strings Fixed steam login issue Fixed issue where incoming email was not allowing you to change it Fixed "notify on new registrations" not being saved Added notify on new registrations email Rewrote how inventory and item are called made load times faster Updated players page and leaderboard to decrease load time Fixed issue when adding an Announcement Fixed issue when editing an admin or making user an admin Fixed page manager redirecting to the wrong page Implemented the validation system. when a user signs up they will get an email and have to click a button to validate their account Added announcement custom link for new ticker Revamped menu Fixed Changing of vehicle pin Added support page in Admin CP LIVE MAPS (DISABLED-----Will be included with Rev 6) Added an upgrader system (REQUIRES FOPEN TO WORK), This system IS REQUIRED for the site to work. Upgraded several backend systems Improved overall site speed Several other features included Added Territory payment Added Territory Management (Rev 5) We are very proud to have made it this far and we want to thank all clients for there continued support
  20. logout timeout

    Cool, thanks <3
  21. logout timeout

    We have extended the user session time, the admin lockout will remain in place. We will look into adding a 2fa for the admins in the future.
  22. logout timeout

    It’s set to 30 minutes re enter login and you are logged out after 3 hours only admins have t renter password this will not be changed for security purposes please also refrain from using foul language on the forums
  23. logout timeout

    Not sure what is it set to now, but increase it please. Players don't want to login, they want to use the shit. Same stands for admin logout. I don't want to have to click my lastpass button to relog every 10 minutes... Do something. And maybe add 2FA for admins. Google thing is very easy to integrate.
  24. lockscreen redirect to previous page

    implemented rc2
  25. when you are in admin cp and it logs you out after some time - make it go back to the same page where you were before the logout
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